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Matha Exports International has been established with an aim to manufacture and supply a wide range of herbal products. We have been working on delivering high-quality herbal ingredients that the products flawless and effective.

In addition to a wide range of herbal powders and herbal oils, we lead in the production of Indigo powder. With years of experience and an expert team on the side, we have been successful to establish fame in the market. With high-yielding cultivation practices and the use of modern automation technology, we have been successful in emerging as a leading Indigo producer.

Matchless Quality Standards

Our talented team aims to meet the highest international standards for our products.

100% Organically Certified

Our products are certified 100% organic and meet the highest export quality standards.

Tested, Inspected & Validated

Our products are validated after thorough testing and inspection done at our labs.

History of Indigo

History of Indigo

The name Indigo comes from the Roman word, Indicum which means “a product of India.” This is somewhat of a misnomer since the plant is now grown across the continents including Asia and Central America. Another ancient Urdu or Hindi word for the dye is “Neel” (blue) from which the Arabic term for blue, Al-Neel is derived. The English word Aniline comes from the same Arabic source. Of these, Indigofera tinctoria, native to India, has the highest concentration of Indican that makes the deep dark blue dye possible. This dye is used to color denim jeans. Because of its virtues and bright history, the Indigo dye is making waves in the textile industries.

The dye is first mentioned in a written source for Western Europe in the ‘histories of Herodotus’ (around 450 B.C.) who described its use in the Mediterranean area.

Manufacturing Process of Indigo Dye

Indigo Leaves

Indigo Leaves

Here, the indigo leaves are cropped manually followed by the separation and sorting of the leaves.

Leaves are Collected

Leaves are Collected

Then comes up the cleaning process which encompasses manual cleaning, drying in sunlight.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

The dried leaves are then crushed into precipitated form by the ‘pulverization method’.

General Questions & Answers


What are the other uses for Indigo Powder?

Indigo Powder is finding increased usage in agriculture as a fertilizer to help increase the fertility of degraded croplands; as green manure for vegetables, fruit trees, tea, and coffee plantations. The use of Indigo powder helps enrich the soil.


Is Indigo Powder good to be used as Hair Dye?

Indigo Powder can be used in reasonable quantities to color your hair, based on your hair volume and thickness. Some people mix Indigo powder with Jet Black Henna powder to get lustrous, dark, and shiny hair.


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