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About Us
Matha Exports International

About Matha Exports International

Matha Exports International has been established with an aim to manufacture and supply a wide range of herbal products. We have been working on delivering high-quality herbal ingredients that the products flawless and effective.

In addition to a wide range of herbal powders and herbal oils, we lead in the production of Indigo powder. With years of experience and an expert team on the side, we have been successful to establish fame in the market. With high-yielding cultivation practices and the use of modern automation technology, we have been successful in emerging as a leading Indigo producer.

Besides manufacturing, Matha Exports International also deals with the supply, and distribution of high-quality and 100% natural indigo powder. Our dedicated work had allowed us to work with some of the leading brands and companies.

We excel in the field of Indigo powder production and supply. Our endeavors and dedication had encouraged us to be among the top exporters of Indigo powder.

Know more about world oldest source of blue dye

Indigo Dye

Indigo or Indigotin is a plant-based dye, extracted from the umpteen varieties of indigo plants, native to Asian countries, especially India, and some parts of Africa. The Indigo plant is a shrub with thin leaves and violet flowers. It grows up to 2 meters high (78 inches). The Indigo dye is processed from the leaves by soaking and fermenting them in water to help convert the Glycoside Indican, naturally present in the plant, to the blue dye Indigotin. In Iran and the Soviet Union, this plant is called "Basma."

Indigo is known throughout the world for one of its properties to color fabrics with a deep royal blue hue. This tincture was known as the ‘true indigo.’ Derived by grinding leaves of the plant species, Indigofera, Indigo was considered a precious commodity, referred to as the ‘blue gold’. This helped advance the trade of Indigo Dye around the world.

Matchless Quality Standards

Our talented team aims to meet the highest international standards for our products.

100% Organically Certified

Our products are certified 100% organic and meet the highest export quality standards.

Tested, Inspected & Validated

Our products are validated after thorough testing and inspection done at our labs.

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Packaging & Private Labeling



Our focus on quality is par excellence. We test our products for long term, general side effects. We've found that there are no side effects when it comes to the general population...Read More



We provide these pack sizes: 50 gms, 100 gms, 500 gms, 1 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kgs, 20 Kgs, 50 Kgs. We can also provide larger bags in bulk quantities to suit your needs. Read More

Private Labeling

Private Labeling

To get your new business started and going, make sales, we can help you with our affordable full service Design, Labeling and Packaging your selection of products with us. Read More

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Our Certifications

Dermatological Tested
Eco Cert
India Organic
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