Manufacturing of Indigo Dye

Manufacturing of Indigo Dye at Matha Export International
Manufacturing of Indigo Dye at Matha Export International

Manufacturing of Indigo Dye

At Matha Export International, the Indigo plant is used for two major purposes: for dying clothes such as pieces of denim and hair coloring/dying. Our profound manufacturing process incorporates 70% usage of Indigo leaves powder for coloring hair and 30% indigo extracts solely for dying the garment collections.

For exporting a massive gamut of hair coloring indigo powder, we have a super-colossal manufactory where our efforts to convert raw indigo plants into expandable and profitable hair coloring powder are materialized.

Our manufacturing process is simple and yet precise. The onset of the manufacturing process dawns on the indigo fields in Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu. Tindivanam is world-known for its ideal climate which is hot and humid. Here, the grown indigo leaves are of cut-above quality as the plants use nil fertilizers. These plants capture atmospheric Nitrogen for their growth.

By the time, the indigo plants turn into vigorous shrubs, the skilled workers start cutting them. Here, the indigo leaves are cropped manually followed by the separation and sorting of the leaves. The broken or rotten leaves are being separated from the fresh ones.

Then comes up the cleaning process which encompasses manual cleaning, drying in sunlight, and micro-mechanical cleaning of the indigo leaves. The sole purpose of the aforementioned cleaning processes is to remove the impurities from the leaves followed by drying them in the scorching sunlight.

The dried leaves are then crushed into precipitated form by the ‘pulverization method’. The pulverized indigo powder is dried in an automatic temperature-controlled fluidized red dryer at a temperature around 105-110 degrees in order to make it moisture-free.

Umpteen imperative tests are being run on the final indigo product. Once, the final indigo product gets approved by the quality control department, the compact, homogeneous, and shelf-stable powder is ready to give your hair a compelling, complex, deep, and ultimate tincture.

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