Indigo Plant: Used as a Local Cure

Indigo Plant: Used as a Local Cure
Indigo Plant: Used as a Local Cure

Indigo Plant: Used as a Local Cure

Indigo Tinctoria has been used to control nematicide activity to curb the spread of parasitic worms such as roundworms and threadworms. In China and parts of Asia, leaf and plant juice have been used to treat different cancers, mainly ovarian and stomach cancer. Further, the plant leaves and juice have been used for the treatment of ailments ranging from hemorrhoids to scorpion bites. Apart from the aforementioned usage, patients with mild to moderate psoriasis have been topically treated with the paste, derived from the leaves of this plant.

Having medicinal properties, the indigo plant has been used to provide relief in vomiting. The Chinese use Indigofera tinctoria L to cleanse the liver, detoxify the blood, reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and reduce fever. The powdered roots of the Indigofera patens are used in South Africa to ease toothache. It had found great use in traditional medicine by the people of Tibet and Indo-China. As far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, the industry uses indigo as raw material for antibacterial and antifungal medications such as treatment for dog and snake bites. It helps in combating epilepsy and depression. The plant roots when boiled are used by some countries to treat typhoid fever and cholera. As per the latest report, the usage of this plant has found great scope in the treatment of serious infections of genitals, renal tracts, and neural disorders.

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